2020 Honda Amaze Concept, Review

It is about time that we can hear some new information`s about 2020 Honda Amaze which is presented to be one of the Honda`s main projects for the future. Honda`s ready for the upcoming market because this car is already ready for the market in the years ahead. New Amaze is something we have ever wanted to see from Honda because we know that`s something they`ve planned for over the years. Let`s we all take a look at the details that are available about new Amaze. Continue reading “2020 Honda Amaze Concept, Review”

2019 Lexus UX Hybrid, Specs

In the world of luxury SUVs, new 2019 Lexus UX is the first name that’s going to come to your mind. That’s mostly thanks to the great commitment and great work that Lexus’s engineers and designers are doing. We must say that their models don’t appear that good by themselves. They’re only the result of hard work and many sleepless nights. Now, we have brand new SUV model coming out of their factory that is ready to make us speechless. Take a look at what they’re prepared. Continue reading “2019 Lexus UX Hybrid, Specs”

2019 Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon

There are a lot of amazing cars on the market but none of them looks like new 2019 Koenigsegg Agera looks like. That isn’t a surprise at all because he’s made to look like this through several changes and differences. We must say that his designers are people that are very passionate about the work they’re doing. Therefore, the result is obvious. New looks and it works amazing. Take a look. Continue reading “2019 Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon”