2019 Audi RS3 Hybrid, Release date

2019 Audi RS3 Front

There are so many sedans that want to be as good as Audi’s models but they are not. Now, they are all want to be as good as new 2019 Audi RS3. This is Audi’s new product and we are so proud to have the opportunity to tell you some interesting things about this model. We’ve gathered almost all of the relevant information’s so we could create this review. Just sit back and read about this extra luxury sedan and imagine yourself behind the steering wheel. That won’t be a problem at all.

2019 Audi RS3 Front

2019 Audi RS3 Exterior Redesign, Appearance, Changes

First, we must tell you that the exterior shape of new 2019 Audi RS3 isn’t some surprise. They are trying to keep it recognizable so the customers can still feel familiar with this model. The shape that they have brought to the perfection is still modern and good looking so why should they change something that’s working. New RS3 is arriving on 19.0-inch alloy wheels which are using brand new tires. With them, the RS3 is capable to provide the best performances so far. We must say that we are happy with the way how new RS3 looks. They have remained the same look as before with some new things to remind us this is after all new generation of RS3.

Just take a look at the front fascia. The grille is amazing but it is still designed in that old way. Even though we knew that we still love it very much. The headlights next to the grille are also the same as before but they are now using brand new lamps. That way, new 2019 Audi RS3 is getting even more modern and popular. We can see that the front bumper is reinforced because it is obvious that they have used some new materials. We expect to see the same thing in the back of the new RS3. The sides are longer than before thanks to some new lines that are providing sportier feeling that you are going to have.

2019 Audi RS3 Platform,  Aerodynamics

Larger air vents are also available on the sides of new RS3. The back part of this Audi’s project is as nice as the rest of his body. It is covered with great materials and features. The taillights are wider than before and they are also using brand new lamps. All in all, new RS3 is the new car that looks the same but has completely new feeling to provide.

2019 Audi RS3 Interior

2019 Audi RS3 Interior Space, Specs, Materials

The interior design is surely one of the things why everyone calls Audi as the creator of the most luxury cars. Just one look at the cabin of new 2019 Audi RS3 and you’re going to call them that as well. Everything inside is the evidence that Audi really takes good care about the comfort level of the passengers inside. The cabin of new RS3 is created using nothing more than natural materials that are perfectly cozy to sit in and to touch. That means, inside this sedan, there won’t be any plastic used at all. The leather will be mostly used inside, besides the addition of the wooden details. The carbon fiber is also used to finish some of the parts inside the cabin.

The instrument board is surely the first thing you’ll see inside new RS3 and due to that, Audi wants to create the perfect instrument board. They are now close to making exactly what they want. On this generation of 2019 Audi RS3 we can see that the engineers have done step forward this time. There is approximately the same number of the controls present but for some of the functions, Audi has enabled the voice control option. With it, new RS3 becomes one of the most modern and finest equipped sedans at the market. The infotainment system is really one of a kind. Audi’s customers can be proud with so many connection options. You should know that there are both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems available inside new RS3.

2019 Audi RS3 Rear

2019 Audi RS3 Engine, Performance, equipment

At the moment, Audi’s engineers aren’t willing to say nothing more than one engine option for new RS3. Until something else arrives, we must be happy with that one option. For new 2019 Audi RS3 that’s going to be the 2.0-liter V6 unit. This engine can develop the power of 400 horses and the torque amount of 354 lb/ft. This is more than great and powerful machine because, with this kind of power amount, new RS3 is faster and stronger than before. Official numbers are saying that this type of RS3 can reach from 0-60 mph in only 4 seconds flat which is almost a second faster than his predecessor could. The 8-speed automatic transmission system is mated to this engine unit and we expect that to be the only gearbox choice when it comes to the new RS3.

Finishing the engine compartment part of this review, we’ve come onto the information that new RS3 could become available with hybrid engine option as well. With it, we are sure that there won’t be stopping new RS3 to reach number one spots all around the world.

2019 Audi RS3 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

It is still unsure when will new 2019 Audi RS3 actually arrive on the market because we still don’t know all the engine options he’ll arrive with. So, it is left for him to be released at the March 2019 which was his original release date. The price for new RS3 is set to be $54.000 for the basic trim level.

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