2019 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, GT

2019 Bentley Continental Front

Definitely, the greatest surprise for the next year comes in shape of 2019 Bentley Continental. To be honest, this is the right time to achieve all of your goals. If your main goal is to have the perfect luxury sedan than new Continental should surely be your first choice. When Bentley has announced a brand new generation of this sedan, we were all so happy. Now, we are even happier because we have found so much great details about it. Take a look at the review we`ve prepared.

2019 Bentley Continental Front

2019 Bentley Continental Exterior Shape and Style, Appearance

The exterior design of any Bentley`s model wasn`t a problem. Due to that, we knew that new 2019 Bentley Continental will look awesome even before they have revealed the official pictures of it. And now, with all those available details, we know that we were more than right. There are so many great things to say about new Continental that we just don`t know where to start from.

Now, we`re going to start from the rear end. There, we can see some really small changes because Bentley doesn`t want to change something that`s good. The taillights are wider than before and we know that`s going to be useful as well it`s going to look better. Now, it seems like two taillights are almost connected. Also, below the taillights, Bentley`s designers have changed the way the exhaustion pipes look. They`re sharper now. That makes the rear bumper of new Continental looks sportier and stronger.

Overall shape and size of the new 2019 Bentley Continental have remained the same as before. That`s the recipe that works so there isn`t really some significant need to make it different than before. The front part is sharper than before and it really seems that looks sportier and stronger. New Continental has the longer hood that ends with a restyled grille. It is designed to look the same as before but with some fine vertical chrome bars to be restyled. Of course, there won`t be so much exterior color choices available for new Continental. Bentley`s officials are offering only those colors that are going to provide that additional luxury feeling. To be honest, you can`t do that with some orange color. 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels are painted in black now. That`s more than amazing and it suits new Continental exactly how he wants it to look.

2019 Bentley Continental Cabin

2019 Bentley Continental Interior Design, Products, Specs

The interior of new 2019 Bentley Continental is more than luxury. It`s capable to take you on a brand new level of experience. With all the luxury inside, it can make you feel like you`re on a cloud. The first thing they`re going to change inside new Continental when we compare him with his previous generation is that they`re going to do some new things on the instrument board. That`s surely something all cars must to if they want to become modern and supreme. New Continental is released with fewer buttons on the instrument board. Only that is enough to make him better. That way, you guarantee the passengers inside better safety. It is simple as that, the driver can control almost all of the functions with his eyes on the road during the entire journey.

Some of the controls are transferred to the steering wheel and others are available to be used on voice commands. That`s brilliant by Bentley`s engineers. That isn`t luxury, that`s pure need. Of course, you know that the infotainment system inside new 2019 Bentley Continental is really one of a kind. Now, Bentley`s engineers have announced they`re going to make it better than before. We`re really looking forward to seeing it working.

The materials that are used inside new Continental are surely the best you can find in a modern car. There is so much Alcantara leather used that we just can`t find a car that is similar to that. Besides that kind of leather, there is some rosewood which is imported from Brazil. Those two together brings you to heaven and brings the price higher as well. But, it`s definitely worth it.

2019 Bentley Continental Rear

2019 Bentley Continental Engine, Performances, Power

Even though some of you think that Bentley is all about the luxury and style and not that much about the power, we must tell you that new Continental is here to prove you wrong. This new 2019 Bentley Continental will have strong engine hidden under his hood. This time, it`s going to be the 6.2-liter with direct injection W12 petrol powered engine unit. That long name that his engine has is almost enough proof that it`s going to be extra powerful. This is the basic trim level engine for new Continental. It can supply this sedan with the 624 horsepower and with 664 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. With this power, new Continental is faster and stronger than before.

Now, he can reach from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds flat. Next, to it, even the maximum speed is better. Now, he can go up to 210 mph. This and any other engine unit is paired with the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission system.

2019 Bentley Continental Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Bentley Continental is set to be $210k. The release date for new is set to be March 2019.

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