2019 BMW 7-Series Acceleration, Review

2019 BMW 7-Series Front

When you mention the luxury category, you can’t forget to mention a model such as 2019 BMW 7-Series. It is definitely a model that must be mentioned among the first one because it is amazing from every angle. We are more than convinced that BMWs designers gave him all the attention he deserves to make him look the way it does today and the way it has been looked in the past. We are sure that we can only expect the best things from BMW and now, that’s their brand new 7-Series.

2019 BMW 7-Series Front

2019 BMW 7-Series Redesign, Changes, Specs

The exterior design is definitely something that makes new 2019 BMW 7-Series who it is. It is designed to look this way which is the closest to the perfection as it can be. The shape is brilliant now and the edges are even improved. Even though it is reported that the front fascia is now placed even lower than before you need to know that it is still a perfect city car because you’re still going to be able to run over any obstacle and any bump on the road.

The front fascia now looks a bit restyled like it is built today, from the scratch. Of course, the grille remains to be made in that beautiful shape and style as it is ever produced. That’s the way how the customers remember it and that’s the way how BMW knows to do the best. The first thing that we can notice on the sides of new 7-Series is the tires. They’re placed on newly developed 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels. They make him look splendid.

Entire new 2019 BMW 7-Series looks reorganized thanks to the new set of colors that are offered. It is all made just to make happy as much customers as they can. On the rear end, it is noticeable that the rear bumper looks way stronger than the front one does. It is thanks to the usage of hard steel which won’t affect the overall weight of new 7-Series at all. All the lights are upgraded and improved but the taillights alone look like they are brand new. All in all, we are so proud to see that new 7-Series really looks like a new old and great looking car.

2019 BMW 7-Series Interior

2019 BMW 7-Series Interior Shape and Style, Materials

Looking closer to the cabin design of new 2019 BMW 7-Series we can spot some really good design ideas. For example, BMW left available to you to change the ambient lights as you want it. There are many different choices available. It’s up to you to choose, based on the way you feel or based on something else. It is even better the information that new 7-Series will be available with the almost completely new way of building the instrument board. This time, it’s going to be created with the larger touchscreen and with fewer buttons on it. With it, the customers can enjoy greater feeling during the ride and they can enjoy the safer ride.

Almost all of the controls are either transferred to the steering wheel or they are available with voice control options. Both ways are amazing and they are ensuring that you’re enjoying everything that new 2019 BMW 7-Series has to offer. And when it comes to the functions, they had to offer so much. Some of the announced functions are: rear-view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, digital climate controller, overtaking assist, cruise control, satellite navigation system, traction control, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems and many others. We need to pay special attention to those two amazing connections systems that new 7-Series has to offer. You need to know that there aren’t so many sedans that can offer both of those superb systems.

2019 BMW 7-Series Rear

2019 BMW 7-Series Engine, Performances, Specs

As every true luxury sedan deserves to have one engine to be especially proud of while others are great as well but somehow, this basic choice turns out to be the best for him, that’s the same way with new 2019 BMW 7-Series. This time, for him, that’s the 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged unit that’s going to be extra strong now. It can develop the power of 300 horses and approximately 300 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. You can be more than satisfied with the performances this engine can produce because he’s going to need only 5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 mph.

This engine and every other that appears available for new 7-Series works in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. That’s working great for this kind of sedan and what is even better, it can reduce his fuel consumption.

2019 BMW 7-Series Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 BMW 7-Series is set to be January 2019. When it comes to the starting price, some rumors are saying it’s going to be around $60k but it still isn’t confirmed.

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