2019 Ferrari California T Top Speed, Price

2019 Ferrari California T Front

In the matter of high-quality luxury sports cars, new 2019 Ferrari California T is surely taking high place, maybe even number one spot. Today, Ferrari has released some of the details that are going to help us figure out a bit closer what kind of car this is. We are really one of the first to talk about it and we are so proud of that. It is even more important to know that this car has suffered most of the changes to make his performances improved. Now, Ferrari`s engineers are paying a bit more attention to the functionality. Let`s see what we could expect from this newly developed California T.

2019 Ferrari California T Front

2019 Ferrari California T Exterior, Style, Shape

Definitely, the first thing you`re going to notice on new 2019 Ferrari California T is his brilliant shape. It is produced to look amazing and to provide only good stuff. The front fascia is looking almost exactly the same as some of the others, the famous Ferrari`s cars. That`s the way how they`re working and we`re so proud and happy to know that they`re going to continue doing that with this new California T as well. He`s lowered more than some other models but that won`t affect his performances on the road and in the city. His grille is wide but the air vents are positioned even lower than before. That way, they`re ensuring that the engine is getting enough of the cold air in every moment.

Of course, the basic exterior color of new 2019 Ferrari California T is red and he`s going to be available in some other colors as well. There isn`t some numerous choice but we`re happy with the ones that are picked. When it comes to the details, we can say that the nicest part could be his rear end. The attached wing and the attached rear spoiler is something that makes him special and different from the others. For example, the exhaustion pipes are now designed with extreme care. The result is obvious since they`re looking super hot and super amazing. Both of the bumpers are strong but somehow, the rear one looks stronger and bigger than the front one. All in all, new California T looks like a massive project from Ferrari that could easily pay off significantly.

2019 Ferrari California T Cabin

2019 Ferrari California T Interior Look, Infotainment, Comfort

The interior design of every Ferrari`s car is always presenting the biggest mystery for the customers. They`re always trying to keep it hidden from the eyes of the interested customers for as long as it is possible. That`s the same story with new 2019 Ferrari California T. Ferrari`s officials really want to make him hidden from the eyes of the curious customers. But, to be honest, we don`t want to wait until they release it for the whole wide world. We want to find it out sooner. Therefore, we have turned to the people really close to the Ferrari`s factory to figure out the cabin. There are some really great information`s we have found out. What we know is that the entire cabin is going to be painted in red-black combination. That`s super classy and that`s the only level new California T deserves.

The biggest part of the cabin is made from leather. That way, new 2019 Ferrari California T is getting that extra classy level. The instrument board is massive and it leaves only the right amount of space for the seats. The seats can be adjusted just with a press of a button. Ferrari`s engineers have placed 8.5-inches wide touchscreen on the middle of that instrument board. They`ve make him able to be used as the control for the biggest amount of functions. When it comes to the functions, we must say that there will be so many new ones with the refreshed old ones. Great recipe for success.

2019 Ferrari California T Rear

2019 Ferrari California T Engine, Power, Top Speed, MPG

Now, we have seen that new 2019 Ferrari California T isn`t all about the engine and the performances. We can see that they`re thinking about elegance as well. But, in this segment of review, we`re here to talk about the performances. This new California T is powered with the 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 unit. This one is more than capable for great stuff. It is available to supply this massive car with the 600 horsepower and with the torque amount of 600 lb/ft as maximum. Those are the performances that can make him perfect and ready for some amazing stuff.

The performances are the one thing that no one can say that Ferrari isn`t the best in. This new California T can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds flat which place him in that great group of selected cars. When it comes to the top speed, we are sure that he can reach 200 mph easily.

2019 Ferrari California T Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Ferrari California T is set to be April 2019. It is rumored that new California T will cost close to the $210.000 for his basic trim level.

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