2019 Ferrari Dino Power, Stylish

2019 Ferrari Dino Front

Fast car needs more than just an engine. Looking at new 2019 Ferrari Dino, we are sure that he has it all. Ferrari’s engineers figured out that, so they have created it that way so all the customers can love it. There are some really good changes announced for new Dino but we still don’t know what of them will actually be there. This review is here to help you figure out what you can expect from new Dino. You will be surprised.

2019 Ferrari Dino Front

2019 Ferrari Dino Exterior Design, Refreshed Style, Specs

The exterior design is really doing great work for the new Dino. It is obvious that Ferrari’s engineers are trying to make it more efficient with just a small change on the exterior. New 2019 Ferrari Dino is looking sharper than before. His weight is significantly reduced. Ferrari has used mostly lightweight materials which makes it improved. The aerodynamic is also improved for new Dino.

He has attached rear wing on the back which makes him steady on the road. That’s the first time he’s available with it. When we have mentioned the rear end, maybe we should continue with it. It has wider taillights this time. We think that’s the best way to increase the safety of your car and Ferrari obviously thinks it as well. Also, his rear bumper is bigger than before. On the edges of the bumper, we can spot that the exhaustion pipes are restyled this time. They are sharper than before and Ferrari doesn’t want to make them circular again.

On the rest of the body of new Dino, we can also see some changes. There are larger air vents which makes it easier to keep the engine cooled. What is interesting is that Ferrari changed the size of the wheels. They are now 20.0-inches wide. That’s suitable for new 2019 Ferrari Dino. As always, the basic version of the new Dino is painted in red but we have heard that there are many different types of colors available. On the front of the new Dino, we can see that the Ferrari’s engineers have done the minimum of the changes. They have restyled the headlights while the grille has remained to be the same. All in all, new Dino really looks spectacular even though it is practically made to be just fast and strong.

2019 Ferrari Dino Cabin

2019 Ferrari Dino Interior design, Infotainment system, Instrument Board

The interior design is the proof that it is easy to use modern materials to accomplish what you want. New 2019 Ferrari Dino has all it takes to reach the top of the high-quality luxury cars lists. Ferrari’s engineers have really stepped forward in creating the cabins. The first thing you’re going to see is the instrument board. It is bigger than before but it equipped with fewer buttons. You can use all of the functions using that larger touchscreen. He’s now placed higher on the instrument board than before. It is more driver oriented. That way almost every person inside can have the perfect visibility on that screen.

When it comes to the comfort level, we can really say that Ferrari has raised to the maximum level. The seats are now positioned lower than before which makes the passengers has great experience of the speed new Dino can produce. Other than different position, those seats are available with both heating and cooling options. We cannot forget to say that the infotainment system is truly the best. New 2019 Ferrari Dino has all the necessary features and functions. What is even better is that those functions are now easier to be controlled.

2019 Ferrari Dino Rear

2019 Ferrari Dino Engine, Performance, MPG

Of course, we all know that the engine unit is the most important part of any Ferrari’s car. This new 2019 Ferrari Dino won’t be different in that way. According to the rumors from the sources close to the Ferrari’s officials, we know the basic engine option for new Dino. That’s going to be the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol powered unit. We are so excited about this engine because we know that he’s super strong and useful. He can produce around 530 horsepower and over 500 lb/ft as torque amount. Maybe even the better thing about this engine is that he’s going to use the only minimum of the energy.

This engine, as probably all the others that are going to be available for new Dino, is working in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. The performances are way better than the previous version had. This new Dino can reach up to the 200 mph as maximum speed. The acceleration time is set to be under 3 seconds from 0-60 mph.

2019 Ferrari Dino Price and Estimated Launch date

The starting date of new 2019 Ferrari Dino is set to be March 2019. The price is estimated to be around $200k which is great for this kind of car.

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