2019 Ford Mustang Top Speed, 0-60

2019 Ford Mustang Front

Even though it is still unsure about the size of this car but new 2019 Ford Mustang is surely one of the best to come. We and Ford’s officials have high hopes for this car. It is more than sure that this car will do them more than good. Let us introduce you to it so you can really see that it is something special. Just sit back and enjoy this review.

2019 Ford Mustang Front

2019 Ford Mustang Exterior Refreshments, Style

The first thing you need to know about the exterior of the 2019 Ford Mustang is that it looks modern and impressive at the same time. Ford’s engineers have accomplished that following the simple principles. They have given him the most perfect materials they can provide. With them, they are ensuring that the overall weight of this car isn’t a problem for his performances. The chassis is made mainly from the aluminum and carbon fiber. Also, we cannot forget to mention that the hard steel is used as well. That’s going to keep him firmly and strong on some parts.

When it comes to the exterior color choices, new 2019 Ford Mustang is full of those. They are trying to offer you a variety of options. That way, even the pickiest customers can choose something. It is more than obvious to say that the new Mustang has the shape to prove his power. Therefore, we aren`t surprised with the attached rear wing or rear spoiler. Everything has its place on the exterior of this awesome looking car. All the details have remained to be pretty similar to before but Mustang is looking good in no matter what shape you present him. That`s the car that has proven himself in so many generations so why can we expect something less from this one.

2019 Ford Mustang Cabin

2019 Ford Mustang Interior Design, Shape, Materials

Interior of new 2019 Ford Mustang is something different. Ford is always trying to create something new in the way that you`re going to love it. They don`t understand that you`re going to love the Mustang in no matter what shape they present it. Now, the cabin is cozier than before. That`s thanks to the smaller instrument board. That leaves more room for the passengers and their seats. That`s the only thing that new Mustang had to have. More room for the passengers. If they really accomplish that, we are convinced that there won`t be a limit for new Mustang. Even the same design of the seats is great.

According to the rumors, the new 2019 Ford Mustang will be equipped with so many new features. That way, new Mustang is becoming the best-equipped sports luxury car on the market. Some of the standard ones are: emergency braking, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connection, both Android and Apple CarPlay connection systems installed, more airbags, adaptive cruise control, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, hill assist and many others.

2019 Ford Mustang Rear

2019 Ford Mustang Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine is definitely the first thing you`re going to think about when it comes to the new 2019 Ford Mustang. This new Mustang really deserves to talk about. It`s going to be powered with the 5.0-liter Coyote petrol-powered V8 unit. This is the engine that can produce amazing power amount. This time, it is estimated to produce the power of 700 hp and something close to the 600 lb/ft when it comes to the torque amount. This is more than a perfect power amount.

Now, the performances of the new Mustang are raised to the roof. This is the first generation of Mustang that can run from 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds.

2019 Ford Mustang Price and Estimated Launch Date

The starting date of new 2019 Ford Mustang selling is April 2019. When it comes to the price, we expect it to be around $55.000.

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