2019 Genesis G90 Hyundai

2019 Genesis G90 Front

One thing is sure, new 2019 Genesis G90 is truly a luxury sedan. Everything that his designers have done has made us love him even more. This generation is already better than the predecessor since we know that there were some troubles before. Now, there are no troubles at all. We are so happy that the creators of new G90 has been so kind to provide us with the details about it. Now, we are ready to share them with you. Take a look at it, we are sure that you will be stunned with it.

2019 Genesis G90 Front

2019 Genesis G90 Redesign, Exterior design

The exterior design is definitely one of the things why new, 2019 Genesis G90 is one of the extra luxury sedans. It is made using the most popular materials. Those materials are lightweight and they can really provide amazing performances. Among others are aluminum, carbon fiber and some hard steel which is used. You should know that even the hard steel is used for the bumpers, that won’t make any difference in the overall weight. The platform is a bit different, lower than before. That’s one of the easiest ways to increase the performances.

Exterior is really important part for new 2019 Genesis G90 but it is only improved with some of the details. Those details are mainly on the front fascia because that is the most visible. We can see that the grille is wider now. Not only that it is wider, it is made using top quality chrome. With it, this new Genesis G90 looks classier than before. It shines more than ever before. Next to the grille we can spot the headlights. Those headlights are made using top quality LED and bi-xenon lamps. The visibility is better than ever and the safety is also improved that way. On the sides, we can only see the same lines as before. That’s the same as it is on the rear part. The rear part is also remaining the same as before. That’s not bad because it looks really good.

2019 Genesis G90 Interior

2019 Genesis G90 Interior, Changes, Specs

The cabin of new 2019 Genesis G90 looks wow. That’s enough to say about the interior because it really looks splendid. The instrument board is now better than ever. We can see that it is made using only minimum of the required buttons. Those buttons are strictly made to control the climate inside and to power the engine. The rest of the buttons are transferred to the steering wheel while the others are available to be controlled using touchscreen. Other than that, we must admit that we are more than thrilled with the infotainment system.

The seats inside new 2019 Genesis G90 are made using top quality Alcantara leather because that’s the only way how you can be the best. That way, you’re ensuring the perfect level of comfort for the passengers inside. Besides the materials, we can see that the design is improved. The lumbar support and the sides support are amazing time this way. Also, the heating and the cooling options are added in those seats.

2019 Genesis G90 Side

2019 Genesis G90 Engine, Performance, MPG, Power

Only one engine unit is mentioned to be available for the new 2019 Genesis G90. That’s 3.3-liter V6 twin turbocharged unit. This amazing engine can develop the power of 365 horses. Besides that amazing horsepower, we know that this engine can develop around 376 lb/ft as torque amount. Also, we need to mention that the transmission system will be 8-speed automatic ones. That gearbox can transfer all the power to only front two wheels.

If we found out some other engine options for new Genesis G90, we’ll let you know about it.

2019 Genesis G90 Price and Estimated Launch date

This car, this new 2019 Genesis G90 can be released at the beginning of summer 2019. To be more precise, that’s going to be March 2019. The release price for new G90 is set to be $68.500.

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