2019 GMC Acadia Denali, Power

2019 GMC Acadia Front

Among those SUVs that are available on the market, new 2019 GMC Acadia is truly the ones that are having the best experience for the best price. Every time that GMC releases the new model, the customers went crazy because we all know that they are more than capable to create something really special. That’s the same with new 2019 Acadia. Let’s see what is so special about it. We’ve created this review to make sure that you realize how great this SUV really is.

2019 GMC Acadia Front

2019 GMC Acadia Exterior Design, Appearance

In the terms of the exterior design, new 2019 GMC Acadia is surely a piece of art. It is created by the finest exterior designers in the world and all that is done to make it special. Now, new Acadia has the slightly different shape which makes his aerodynamic abilities better than before. Even though new Acadia looks boxier than he used to be, we must say that he isn’t boring at all.

There are some really good changes made in the exterior design. For example, the front fascia is restyled and made to look classier than before. The grille is wider than before and made using only chrome this time. That’s really making it shiny. The headlights are wider and they are taking more room than before. It is simple as that. New Acadia is made to remind us a lot on the old one but with new materials to make it classier.

2019 GMC Acadia Platform, Specs

Even the other parts of new 2019 GMC Acadia are restyled to look as classy as the front fascia does. New Acadia has some new lines added on the side which makes it sportier than before. Those lines are now spreading all along from the front to the end of this SUV. We can see that the wheels are bigger than before. Maybe even the best thing about them is that the tires are also new. They are capable to make new Acadia more off-road capable which is one category he needs to be better in.

There are a few new exterior colors choices that are made to keep the pickiest customers satisfied with new Acadia. The rear end is completed with the new set of taillights and with the brand new bumper. It is obvious that the designers have made more attention to the aesthetic than to the functionality. We can’t say that is wrong because we know how functional new Acadia is and how functional it can be.

2019 GMC Acadia Cabin

2019 GMC Acadia Interior Look, Style, Shape

Even the interior design of new 2019 GMC Acadia is a bit redesigned which is one more evidence that GMCs designers are taking really good care about even the smallest part of this SUV. We can see that the instrument board has suffered a lot of changes. Those changes are made to make sure that new Acadia is extra modernized. As most of the modern SUVs are released with, we can see that even the new Acadia has fewer buttons on the instrument board. That way, the passengers inside can control all the functions easier than before.

The touchscreen is bigger than before and it is placed higher on the instrument board. It is more drivers oriented as well. Some of the buttons are transferred to the steering wheel which makes the driver the only person in the car available to control those functions and features. What is also special about these functions is that the driver can control all of them while he pays the full attention to the road ahead.

2019 GMC Acadia Materials, Infotainment system

The rest of the cabin is nothing less impressive than the instrument board is. New 2019 GMC Acadia has brand new and restyled, cozier seats. Those seats are now available with more directions of adjustments which makes it easier for the passengers to relax and enjoy the rest of the road. Also, we must mention that the seats are created to have better lumbar and sides support. Of course, both heating and cooling options are available. We still don’t have that much of the details about the infotainment system and about some new features that are installed in this SUV.

We are sure about the standard functions that are going to be the part of the basic equipment. Those features are: rear-view cameras, parking sensors, digital climate control, emergency braking, hill assist, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, satellite radio, adaptive cruise control, traction control and so many new ones. That’s one of the reasons why we think that new Acadia is about to become the best SUV in the 2019 year market. They still have so much to show.

2019 GMC Acadia Rear

2019 GMC Acadia Engine, Performances, Specs

The engine unit of new 2019 GMC Acadia is something that tells us that the engineers of GMC are brilliant. They have managed to create the powerful engine that’s environmental friendly at the same time. The engine that’s going to be available to do that is the 2.5-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit. This one is capable to generate the power of 193 horses and to produce approximately the same torque amount, definitely not under 180 lb/ft. It is paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system which is the perfect match for this kind of SUV.

New Acadia is receiving all the power to the every one of the four wheels on it which makes him perfectly off-road capable. Now, it is perfect because the fuel consumption is also reduced. It is estimated it is going to be around 20/21 mpg city/highway.

2019 GMC Acadia Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is still unknown when will new 2019 GMC Acadia actually be released on the market but we have heard some rumors about it. They are saying that the new Acadia cannot be released before the beginning of March 2019. The price is estimated to be around $48.000 which is more than suitable for this magnificent SUV.

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