2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Review, Price

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Front

Mercedes-Benz is definitely the company that is known to be luxurious and classy. Their new product called 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 is one more evidence that they are incredible in what they are doing. They are surely the best in the job in creating this kind of car such as luxury sedans. We are so proud to be able to tell you about new AMG E43 so you can really enjoy it entirely. Take a look at this review we’ve prepared and you’ll see that it is amazing car. Mercedes-Benz made us speechless one more time.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Front

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Exterior design, Appearance, Style

The exterior is pretty much where the story begins. They must create perfect exterior so the rest of the car can be equally good. With new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 you will not have a problem with that. The exterior looks both rich and classy, the only way how Mercedes knows to create a car. Now, Mercedes’s engineers have paid more attention to the shape of this car than before. That’s one way how they want to save the environment.

With improved shape the aerodynamic is improved as well. We can see that some edges are sharper than the others. The front fascia looks restyled now. There are a few things that weren’t there before. For example, the hood is longer now and it ends with wide grille that is now made using only chrome. Next to the grille, we can see that the headlights are almost connected with the grille. That way, entire car looks stronger. The fog lights are just under the headlights and they are using the same LED lamps as the headlights are using for the first time.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Platform, Shape

Moving on to the sides of the new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 we can spot some changes there as well. First, it is obvious that the wheels are different. Mercedes has mentioned that they want to make new AMG E43 to be stronger so they are going to do all they can to make it that way. The wheels are the first thing to change. They are now 20.0-inches wide and they are made of aluminum, of course.

For the basic trim level they are painted in black and it looks awesome. Some new lines are added to the sides of this car and they are spreading all along the car. The rear part looks stronger thanks to the bigger bumper. The taillights are bigger and wider than before. They are using the newly developed combination of LED and bi-xenon lights to provide amazing visibility. With increased visibility, they are gaining more safety.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Interior

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Interior design, Infotainment system

There are no secrets and surprises inside new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43. This is the car that’s going to be perfectly designed. Mercedes’s engineers and designers are always trying to improve something and they are always going to show that to the customers. What we know for every model that Mercedes makes is that they are not using plastic to create any part of his cabin. So, when you’re buying Mercedes, you can be sure that you are buying an extra luxury car.

This new AMG E43 has its cabin made using nothing but the combination of the perfect materials. This time, that means leather, carbon fiber, and some wooden pieces. All that together can increase the price of this car but we are sure that it is worth every penny. Just one look at the instrument board and you will feel the same. It is made to be almost the same look as before but they have made some changes which are ensuring that you are having the new car.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Comfort level

The seats inside new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 are the completely different story. They are something that Mercedes wants to be the best. Due to that, they are always trying to make almost brand new seats. This one is amazing and surely something that you haven’t seen before. Now, the seats are made using nothing but the Alcantara leather. The material is the finest but the design is maybe even better. The lumbar support is just amazing and we can say the same thing about the sides support as well. Also, Mercedes has announced that these seats are available with heating and cooling options in the basic trim level but the real pleasure comes in the higher ones. There is massage option added to the seats in those trim levels. For that, you need to pay more but you are gaining so much.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Side

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Engine, Performance, MPG, Power

Only one engine unit is announced for new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 but you should know that this one is more than spectacular. New AMG E43 is equipped with truly beast under the hood. That’s going to be the 3.0-liter V6 unit. This mighty engine can develop 396 horsepower and around 350 lb/ft as torque amount. This will be the basic power for new AMG E43 but in some better-equipped trim levels, this engine can develop more than 430 hp. Using this basic power amount, new AMG E43 can reach from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds flat which is nearly incredible for a luxury sedan like he is. Top speed is estimated to reach 150 mph.

This engine will have only one gearbox choice and that’s going to be 8-speed automatic one. Now comes the fuel consumption which is said to be reduced. The official numbers are saying 18/25 mpg city/highway.

2019 Mercedes AMG E43 Price and Estimated Launch date

Starting price for new 2019 Mercedes AMG E43 can’t go below $73.500 and some of his better-equipped models can go p to $100k. The release date is set to be April 2019 which is pretty close.

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