2019 Porsche Mission E Finally

2019 Porsche Mission E Front

The future is here because new 2019 Porsche Mission E is arriving at the market. It is ready to make the world speechless with its appearance. Everything on this car is amazing and we know that it`s going to be even better now. We must tell that new Mission E is all electric sedan or to be even precise, it is all electric sports car which isn`t something we can say for every car today. Let`s see what`s what makes new Mission E special.

2019 Porsche Mission E Front

2019 Porsche Mission E Exterior Style, Review

The exterior design of the new 2019 Porsche Mission E is pretty important for this kind of car. It has to be extremely functional. Due to that, the shape is surely the best it can be. The chassis of this car is made from the finest lightweight materials there can be found. In the biggest amount, it is made from the top quality carbon fiber and aluminum. Besides those two materials, Porsche has used some hard steel for both of the bumpers. That makes them stronger and which is great, that won`t make any effect on the overall weight. That`s great because Porsche can reduce its weight when we compare him with the previous generation.

What is great about this car is that he can`t be available in so many different exterior color choices. Porsche wants to make it extra classy and extra luxury. They don`t want you to paint it in so many weird colors. The front fascia is surely the most interesting thing about new 2019 Porsche Mission E. His headlights are wider than before which makes them closer to one another. On the sides of new Mission E, we can spot some different lines that are making it look sportier. New Mission E is placed on 21.0-inches alloy wheels that are made from aluminum which is painted in black. That way, it makes it even more luxurious.

2019 Porsche Mission E Cabin

2019 Porsche Mission E Interior Style, Design

The interior design of the new 2019 Porsche Mission E is more than interesting. It is designed in a way that makes it an extra luxury and in a way that makes it closer to the customers. This time, Porsche has used the most luxurious materials they could find on the market. The biggest part of the cabin is made from the finest Alcantara leather in combination with wood and some carbon fiber. That`s definitely one of the most luxurious combinations on the market and it makes the price for new Mission E increased. The seats inside this magnificent sedan are brand new. We haven`t seen them in any similar Porsche`s car. They`re placed lower than before which makes the passengers capable to really feel the speed.

What is also interesting about those seats is that they`re available with both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. Also, there are several new directions of adjustments. That increased the comfort level of new 2019 Porsche Mission E. The instrument board inside new Mission E is something we can`t see in similar cars. That is surely something that makes him separated from the others. It is released with only 10.0-inches wide touchscreen on the middle of it. Next, to it, we can only see the climate vents and that`s everything that is visible on this instrument board. All the functions that can be installed are available to be controlled using nothing but your own voice. That`s amazing.

2019 Porsche Mission E Side

2019 Porsche Mission E Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is something Porsche will try to keep as a secret for as long as they can do it. At the moment, they are willing to reveal only the precise numbers when it comes to the performances. This new 2019 Porsche Mission E can reach from 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds which is more than amazing for an all-electric sedan. Also, we are sure that it`s going to be powered using lithium-ion batteries that can be fully recharged in only one hour. That`s brilliant to know. There aren`t yet the information`s available about its range but we have heard it could be over 200 miles.

2019 Porsche Mission E Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Porsche Mission E is set to be May 2019. The starting price for new $86.500.

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