2019 Range Rover Sport, SUV

2019 Range Rover Front

Land Rover is surely well known for its luxury models but with new 2019 Range Rover, they have overcome it all. It is one of the most popular and most exciting SUVs for the next year market and it is definitely one of the most luxurious models. It is made with extreme attention so it isn’t strange that it looks this way. The Land Rovers officials still don’t want to reveal all of the details about this new SUV they have made but thanks to some rumors and sources, we’ve managed to create a review based on the certified information’s. Take a look.

2019 Range Rover Front

2019 Range Rover Exterior design, Shape, Appearance

The exterior design is perfect evidence of how amazing the Land Rover’s designers are. They have made this new 2019 Range Rover look spectacular once again. Just the shape itself is enough so you can figure out that it is one extra luxury piece of art. It is made using nothing but expensive and elegant materials. The great thing about them is that those are lightweight materials which can’t affect the overall weight of the entire SUV. Also, it is important to say that the new Range Rover is placed on the 22.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are now painted in dark black.

That is what makes him look even more luxurious. We must tell you that there are more color options for the wheels and for the rest of the body but we are sure that this is the color that suits him the most. Everything on the new Range Rover is the evidence of how the technology is important today.

2019 Range Rover Platform

Just take a look at the lights on 2019 Range Rover and you’ll see that those are the finest lamps available on the market. To be precise, this generation of Range Rover is using the newly designed combination of LED and bi-xenon lamps. That’s the combination that can bring them nothing but success. We can talk about the exterior design of this SUV for days but anywhere you look you can find something impressive. For example, the rear part has longer taillights and bigger rear glass. It all looks spectacular. The sides are very good as well because they are equipped with a new set of lines. Those lines are spreading all over the body of this mighty SUV. From the grille to the taillights.

2019 Range Rover Interior

2019 Range Rover Interior design, Materials, Instrument Board

When we are talking about the interior design of new 2019 Range Rover the first thing we must mention is that he is extremely cozy and roomy. That way, the Land Rover’s engineers are ensuring that the customers are more satisfied than they were before. Somehow, the Range Rover is even roomier than before but there aren’t any changes in the dimensions of the SUV. The engineers have done some reorganization inside which brought them more room for the passengers and for the cargo they’re carrying. That is definitely a win-win situation for the passengers. To make them love it, even more, they have added finer and classier materials inside. First, instead of the plastic, we have carbon fibers now. Also, there are some wooden pieces as well. Together with leather, which we don’t even need to mention separately, you are having one of the coziest and roomiest cabin.

2019 Range Rover Comfort level

With the way how the seats are made inside new 2019 Range Rover we are sure that the customers will be able to enjoy every second of the driving. Just the look at them is enough to feel how incredible they are. When you actually sit in them, you will feel amazed. Perfect lumbar support is more than important for your back, especially when you are driving off-road.

Beware that this SUV is made for 4 passengers so it can’t be called as perfect family SUV but it surely can be called as perfect luxury SUV and that is exactly how the Land Rovers officials want you to call him and how to remember him. But to be honest, it is hard to forget that when you look at it. Just that red leather is enough for that and who knows how many brands new functions are installed there. All we can do is wait for the official release to see how much stunning new features are there.

2019 Range Rover Rear

2019 Range Rover Engine, Performance, Power, Transmission

The power of the engine which is placed under the hood of new 2019 Range Rover is extremely important. Therefore we have found out what type of engine is used to make this SUV run like a beast. This time, that’s going to be the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered engine unit. Using this engine, this extra luxury SUV is supplied with the power of 247 horses and the torque of 317 lb/ft. Even though the Land Rovers engineers haven’t said that we are more than sure that this SUV is available with all-wheel drive mode in the basic trim level. Now, for this and for the rest of the engine options, that’s going to be available thanks to the 8-speed automatic transmission system which is mated to those engines units.

2019 Range Rover Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The estimated delivery date for new 2019 Range Rover is set to be sometime in the next spring so we can say that it’s going to be released at the April 2019. The price for this model shouldn’t be over $53.000 when it comes to the basic trim level.

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