2019 Skoda Vision X Hybrid, SUV

2019 Skoda Vision X Front

A few days ago, new 2019 Skoda Vision X is announced to enter the market. The arrival of this magnificent product means so much for the community and for the world. This SUV is one of the nicest on the market and what is even more important about it is that he’s been announced as one of those that’s going to keep our planet safe. You are surely wondering how is that possible. Well, we’re going to tell you a bit more about this new Skoda Vision X.

2019 Skoda Vision X Front

2019 Skoda Vision X Exterior Design, Shape, Style

The exterior design isn’t anything we haven’t used from Skoda’s engineers and officials. New 2019 Skoda Vision X is designed to provide awesome aerodynamic abilities to the car itself. That way, they are ensuring the perfect fuel consumption with the highest quality of performances. With the improved shape, new Vision X isn’t that boxy as his previous generations. The front part is lower than before. The grille is now spreading all the way to the bottom of the SUV which makes the entire car looks sportier than it was before. Now, Skoda’s engineers have made it using only the chrome which makes those vertical bars classier. The headlights are one thing that Skoda’s designers doesn’t need to change. Previous versions of this model had them styled perfectly so they are going to remain them the same.

Moving forward to the sides of the new 2019 Skoda Vision X, we can spot some new things over there as well. Definitely, the first thing to observe is the wheels. They are bigger than before and equipped with the brand new set of tires. Now, new Vision X is more off-road capable. Those wheels are made from aluminum and they’re 21.0-inches wide. Basic color for them is black which makes them look extra luxurious. There are a few more different things on the sides. The side mirrors are bigger which is one more thing to increase the overall safety of new Vision X. On the rear end of this SUV, we’re capable to see that the bumper is bigger. Next, to it, we can find the taillights to be wider than before which means that they are completely ready for the customers.

2019 Skoda Vision X Interior

2019 Skoda Vision X Interior Look, Materials

The cabin of new 2019 Skoda Vision X is one more proof that Skoda’s designers are one of the best that the car market has at the moment. Just one look inside is enough for you to fall in love with it. The first thing that we’ve noticed is the seats and how carefully they have designed it. They are bigger than before and placed closer to the bottom of the cabin. That way, they are making the passengers able to feel the speed this SUV can produce while they don’t feel any bump in the road. It is announced that those seats are the best that the car market has seen in a while.

Both heating and cooling systems are included in the basic trim level which means that something is really special is prepared for the highest trim levels. This time, that special part means massage options for the front two seats.

2019 Skoda Vision X is designed using top quality materials. That’s something we have used seeing from Skoda’s designers and engineers. That’s the recipe that brings them massive success. There’s no need to change the things that works. Even though the Skoda’s officials haven’t announced that there are some changes made on the instrument board we can notice several small ones. For example, it is obvious that the instrument board is moved more into the front part which leaves more room for more seats. Then, we can see fewer buttons out there which means that the touchscreen will be better equipped. It is looking amazing already and who knows what they are looking for to create.

2019 Skoda Vision X Rear

2019 Skoda Vision X Engine, Performances, MPG

It is the engine unit why most of the customers are choosing new 2019 Skoda Vision X. They are choosing the perfect quality engine that gives maximum performances while he wastes the minimum energy. The engine which can do that is the 2.0-liter turbocharged unit that’s working in pair with amazing lithium-ion batteries. Together, they’re creating great hybrid engine combination. What is even more important is that engine can develop amazing torque and horsepower amount. Both of them are set to be close to the 200. This engine is paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system which is great since it can make the fuel consumption arrives at the minimum level.

2019 Skoda Vision X Price and Estimated Launch Date

As you can see, new 2019 Skoda Vision X is one of the classiest and most important SUVs on the upcoming market. That means that his price is higher than some similar SUVs. It is set for him to start from $32.500. The release date for new Vision X is May 2019.

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