2019 Volkswagen Jetta Appearance

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Front

Germans were always one of the finest producers of the finest sedans and new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is definitely newest proof for that. They`ve managed to create it to look incredible with every angle you lay your eyes on it. His shape is stunning and it looks amazing. This new Jetta is incredible and astonishing to look at. This new generation of Jetta is one of the pieces of evidence that VW is doing their best to make it even better. Take a look at what we`ve found about this vehicle.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Front

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Exterior Refreshments, Review

As we`ve mentioned before, the new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has the most amazing shape and the line we`ve ever seen on a sedan. Volkswagen is one of the finest sedan creators and so far, they`ve managed to produce some of the world’s best. New Jetta is sure of them and it is obvious one of those that continue to be the better every next year. This new Jetta is finest so far. It has his overall weight reduced thanks to the finest materials. Those materials are used inside the chassis. This time, the Volkswagen`s engineers are using mostly aluminum, carbon fiber and some hard steel which is used inside the bumpers. It`s keeping them hard and tough all the time. When it comes to the details, new Jetta doesn`t look different than his previous version.

His front fascia looks sharper than before thanks to the new hood which is wider than before. At the end of the hood, we can see a wider grille which is made using top quality chrome. With it, new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta shines more than before and it looks classier than it used to be. The headlights and the rest of the lights are all powered by the new set of lamps. This time, Volkswagen has made those that are using the minimum of the required energy to keep it from wasting energy like it has done before. Now, it features the newly developed combination of LED and bi-xenon lamps. What is interesting is that the new Jetta has more exterior color choices to offer to the customers. That`s going to attract some younger generation followers to new Jetta.


2019 Volkswagen Jetta Interior Design, Appearance

The interior of new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is roomier than before and it features better materials than it used to be used. The Jetta is now offering better materials that aren`t the most expensive ones. That makes the customers happy because they know that they`re getting the best experience for the lowest price they can get. We are so happy knowing that the Volkswagen`s engineers are doing their best to make new Jetta even more modernized. We can spot that the instrument board is now released with even fewer buttons than before. That leaves more room for the central touchscreen on the middle of it. Now, VWs engineers are going to position it higher than before.

The seats itself are bigger than they`ve used to be. 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has room for 5 adult passengers and every one of them is going to feel cozy and roomy, that`s something that it is guaranteed from the VWs officials. The steering wheel is equipped with more buttons and controls to allow the driver to have the full control over the car. That way, he can pay his full attention to the road ahead while he changes the music or while he sets the climate controller. While we`re talking about it, we should mention that the climate controller is separated in the two zones which makes the climate better inside new Jetta.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Rear

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Engine, Power, Performances

This new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, as one of the finest sedans on the market, deserves to have the best engine unit. According to the officials, new Jetta is powered with the 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol powered. This stunning engine can develop the power of 147 horsepower and 184 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. The 6-speed automatic transmission system is mated to this engine and to every one that appears available for new Jetta. What is also known about this engine is that he`s going to be available with front-wheel drive mode only. We love it that way surely.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Price and Estimated Launch Date

$21.000 is the starting price for the new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. The release date for new Jetta is probably somewhere around May 2019.

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