2020 BMW 8-Series Convertible

2020 BMW 8-Series Front

There`s no other car that can draw us that much attention as new 2020 BMW 8-Series did. This time, BMW has used all of their attention and expertise to create this amazing looking car. It is one of the leaders already but with the upgrades that are expected to arrive, it`s going to get even better. New 8-Series is surely one of the upcoming surprises on the 2020 year market but we are sure that this generation deserves to be treated even better. Let`s take a closer look to everything that is mentioned to be available with this amazing BMWs project.

2020 BMW 8-Series Front

2020 BMW 8-Series Exterior Redesign, Specs

We don`t even need to talk about the exterior design of a new 2020 BMW 8-Series because it`s going to be just spectacular. It is said that a new 8-Series is going to be a bit longer than before. Also, one of the great changes on the exterior is that this generation of 8-Series is mentioned to arrive with a convertible version which is the first time it is done that. That`s going to attract way more customers than before. As we`ve said that new 8-Series will be longer we know that they had to pay extra attention into making him have smaller or at least equal body weight. Therefore, we aren`t surprised by the way his platform is created. New 8-Series has made it using mostly lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum.

You need to know that doesn`t mean that this car is going to be weak and not safe. All of the important parts are made to be extra strong and useful. For example, both of the bumpers on new 2020 BMW 8-Series are made from hard steel. That way, it keeps him safe and strong. On the front fascia, we can see that the grille remains to be as classy as always. It is made to be the dual-kidney shape and made from chrome. That way, BMWs officials are ensuring that this car looks nice to both old customers and those new ones. It is said that BMW still doesn`t want to reveal all the details about this car so it remains a mystery what type of lamps are going to be used to create the lights of this car.

2020 BMW 8-Series Interior

2020 BMW 8-Series Interior Review, Shape, Size

As we know that new 2020 BMW 8-Series is going to become longer than before, we expect some higher comfort level for the passengers inside. To be honest, that doesn’t appear true this time. It is said that new 8-Series will remain to have the same size interior as his predecessor. New 8-Series is cozier but that isn’t made thanks to the more room inside. That’s mostly thanks to the new materials that are used inside this car. Having it all consider, new 8-Series is made from the top quality Alcantara leather which is said to be the best in that field. Besides that one, there will be some parts that are made from wood and some of them that are made from aluminum and carbon fiber. There won’t be plastic at all used inside this magnificent car.

Also, BMW and his team have said that the infotainment system inside this car is one of the finest and it is expected to be the best so far. New 2020 BMW 8-Series is made to be easier to be controlled than it was before. That is available thanks to the fewer buttons that are installed on the instrument board. Also, so many new functions are installed while the old ones are added in the basic trim level but with severe software upgrades that are made. Together, they create the best experience for the driver and for the passengers inside. They can be perfectly relaxed by the way they’re welcomed with new functions and features. All of them are perfectly enabled to be easier for handling.

2020 BMW 8-Series Rear

2020 BMW 8-Series Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine unit for new 2020 BMW 8-Series is the part we expect the most today. There are so many rumors about it but only one of them appears to be true. That news is telling that new 8-Series is powered with the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged petrol powered unit. This one can develop more than a decent amount of power. It is mentioned that the power amount is set to be around 523 horsepower and torque amount of 553 lb/ft as a maximum high level.

What is also important to mention is that this engine is working mated to the 8-speed Steptronic sequential shift automatic transmission system which works amazingly in pair with this engine. It makes him develop the acceleration time of 3.8 seconds for speed from 0-60 mph. Top speed for new 8-Series is set to be 155 mph.

2020 BMW 8-Series Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is mentioned that new 2020 BMW 8-Series is set to be released at the April 2020 and that his starting price is going to be $130k. We are looking forward to this news appears as true.

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