2020 BMW Mini E Review, Launch Date

2020 BMW Mini E Front

Cars with zero emissions are surely the thing that we need and new 2020 BMW Mini E is exactly that car. It is mentioned that new Mini E is a hatchback that every true car fan should at least take a look at if they don`t have the plans about buying it. There are some really good details available about new Mini E when it comes to his design but there are really few information`s available when it comes to his engine compartment. That tells us that Mini and BMW have something really special prepared when it comes to the engine unit of this magnificent hatchback. Take a look at some of the details that are revealed about the new Electric Mini.

2020 BMW Mini E Front

2020 BMW Mini E Redesign, Exterior Look, Specs

The exterior design of the new 2020 BMW Mini E isn`t something spectacular and it isn`t changed in so many ways. It remains to be almost the same as before with some minor changes when it comes to the exterior. The overall shape is going to stay the same as before because the customers are used to that kind of shape. It is positioned closer to the ground but that won`t affect his performances or riding around the city. New Mini is placed on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. That isn`t some big difference but the tires are brand new for new Mini. With them, this hatchback is perfectly capable to create better performances and higher speed and acceleration. Everything tells us that new Mini is about to be stronger than before.

More exterior color choices are available for new 2020 BMW Mini E. It is still unsure what will be the exact lamps used for new Mini E. According to the rumors, new Mini E is going to use the finest combination of LED and bi-xenon lamps. They`re doing the best they can to reduce the energy wasting in the environment. With all that taken care of, we have no doubts that new Mini E is about to be one of the best-equipped cars on the market. There won`t be some spectacular details changed on new Mini E. The grille remains the same as before because that`s something like a signature sign for this hatchback. The only thing that is changed on the back of this car is the rear glass. It is bigger than before which is the evidence that the safety is increased for new Mini E.

2020 BMW Mini E Cabin

2020 BMW Mini E Interior Design, Specs, Review

Now, they`re paying more attention to the cabin design of new 2020 BMW Mini E than it was before. With it, the customers are going to pay more attention to this car than before. What is also said about Mini E is that there is more room offered than before. The instrument board is moved towards so there is more room for the seats so the passengers can enjoy the ride inside. Mini`s and BMWs engineers have done a great job in making the seats the perfect for the passengers. There is better lumbar support provided. That`s one of the first things the customers wanted to be changed in this car. Now, they have arrived in the finished job. Everything is done perfectly and that makes us super excited and thrilled.

As we`ve mentioned, the instrument board inside new 2020 BMW Mini E is moved and placed differently than before. That leaves less room for the buttons and controls. Fewer buttons and controls on the instrument board make us really happy and excited. That makes the passengers easier to control all the functions that are installed in the infotainment system that`s installed in new Mini E. Together, they`re making new Mini E extra capable to be released and perfectly shaped for the city driving. The engineers still haven`t said anything about the functions that are installed in this car. We expect to see only the finest and the most useful functions that have ever been available on the market.

2020 BMW Mini E Rear

2020 BMW Mini E Engine, Power, Performances

We`ve already mentioned that there are the really small amount of information`s available about the engine unit of new 2020 BMW Mini E. What that letter E tells us is that this hatchback is going to be powered with an all-electric engine. That way, this type of Mini makes almost no harm to the environment. That is something that the passengers want to have. It is said that new Mini E is expected to be powered with the most amazing engine unit. This time, an all-electronic hatchback is expected to be stronger than before while it’s going to have better range.

It is known that it’s going to use the finest lithium-ion batteries that are placed in the middle of the chassis to make the overall weight evenly divided around the car. That way, the performances are better than before.

2020 BMW Mini E Price and Estimated Release date

It is said that new 2020 BMW Mini E is going to be released at May 2020 because there are still some things to be designed on this hatchback. When it comes to the price, it is even harder to talk about it. It is said that it’s going to be priced around $40k, not under that price.

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