2020 BMW Z4 Top Speed, Power

2020 BMW Z4 Front

There aren’t many cars as new 2020 BMW Z4 really is. He’s produced with a lot of attention which may result with a great potential. BMWs engineers have done serious job which is obvious with just one look at this amazing vehicle. We are one of the first to talk about new Z4 which is really important for us. Take a look at it.

2020 BMW Z4 Front

2020 BMW Z4 Exterior Redesign, Appearance, Style

The exterior design means everything for the 2020 BMW Z4 and you can really see it. His shape is really good and it definitely works in making his performances better. Not only is he lowered more but he is also made to be released with the reduced overall body weight. Those two together works perfectly for him. New Z4 is proved to be more than 350 pounds lighter than his previous generation. That means that he’s faster than before. Now, BMW has made it available with the attached rear spoiler even in the basic trim level. That’s new for the Z4 and we’re loving it that way. One more thing you need to know about new Z4 is that he is arriving on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels with brand new set of tires to help him achieve even better performances.

Looking at some of the recognizable details on new Z4 we must notice that the front fascia looks different. It is equipped with a longer hood which makes his grille looks wider. BMW has made it a bit wider but they have left it in the same shape as before, the same as always. The grille on the new 2020 BMW Z4 is made in that finest dual kidney-shape which brought them so much success. Some things are also changed on new Z4. The headlights are longer and made in the L-shaped style. That looks amazing on this new Z4. On the sides, we can’t see some difference besides those new tires that we have mentioned before. The back part has only that attached rear spoiler added. It looks splendid that way.

2020 BMW Z4 Interior

2020 BMW Z4 Interior design, Infotainment system, Comfort level

The interior design is one thing where BMW always tries to make the difference between them and some other car companies. They somehow always does it right to make us surprised. New 2020 BMW Z4 is nothing different in that matter. It is equipped with the most amazing materials. Those materials are the thing that can make his comfort level brought to the biggest so far. BMW has said that they won’t be using any plastic parts inside this car at all. We know that the biggest part inside this car is made with the finest Alcantara leather. The seats are possible the finest ever seen. They have more than 15 directions of adjustments available which is the perfect for the passengers inside.

We have turned all the attention to the infotainment system that’s installed in the new 2020 BMW Z4. We know that the instrument board installed in this car is the best so far. It is designed with the fewer buttons than ever before. Since they have made it that way, we know that the touchscreen is made with the 11.0-inches wide diagonals. That’s great for the customers to know. Now, they can see everything easier and cleaner than before. As we’ve said, the infotainment system is better than before. It is released with more safety functions than before. Because his entertainment functions has always been great, we know that the safety functions, new ones, are everything this car needs to be better than before.

2020 BMW Z4 Rear

2020 BMW Z4 Engine, Performance, MPG, Power

The engine unit is surely a thing we all expect to be the finest so far. Therefore, BMWs engineers had to push it step forward to see how the customers will react on this newest engine unit that’s prepared to finish under the hood of 2020 BMW Z4. They’ve done serious changes to make it look this way. The result is that new Z4 is powered with the 3.0-liter inline-6 petrol powered unit. This one is extra strong and what is even better, he’s quite useful. That means that he’s going to use fewer energy than any other before. It is expected that he can produce around the 250 horsepower and close to the 200 lb/ft as maximum torque.

New Z4 is all about the performances. Now, he’s estimated to run from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds which is amazing time. That’s the time he has never reached before. Therefore, we expect to see his top speed increased as well. We want it to be over 200 mph.

2020 BMW Z4 Price and estimated Arrival Date

New 2020 BMW Z4 is set to go for questionable price. BMWs engineers and officials still haven’t released that information. We are really close to find it out and the moment we do, we’ll let you know. What is sure about it is that his release date can’t be before September 2020.

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