2020 Byton K-Byte Price, Engine

2020 Byton K-Byte Front

We think that it is about time that new 2020 Byton K-Byte actually arrives on the market with some new details. Also, it is really good to hear that some new details are available about this amazing Chinese product. China startups are really good and you’ll see that new K-Byte is one of those amazing products. We are here to give you some further information’s about this model and to introduce you to the upcoming all-electric car. Take a look.

2020 Byton K-Byte Front

2020 Byton K-Byte Exterior Design, Review, Appearance

Even though it is still far away from the release date of new 2020 Byton K-Byte we already know some of the first reliable details when it comes to the exterior design. It is obvious now that new K-Byte will be shaped really well and really futuristic. Our first impression is that new K-Byte is placed really low and really close to the ground. That way, his grille, which only looks like a grille, is almost touching the ground. As we’ve said, that grille only looks like a grille because there’s no spacing between those bars. There’s no need for that because the electric engine has its own cooling which works splendidly. New K-Byte is mentioned to be placed on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels and some new tires.

Byton as one of the youngest companies on the planet knew that they had to produce an amazing set of wheels for this brand new car. The front fascia of 2020 Byton K-Byte looks extra sharp and classy. The headlights are wide and thin. It is said that new K-Byte will have all of his lamps created with the finest LED and bi-xenon lamps. Together, they’re heading towards the future with new K-Byte. On the sides, we can’t really see anything specific but the overall line of this car makes us think that new K-Byte is perfectly shaped to look sportier. On the back, the taillights are wider than on some other similar models. Rear glass is long which makes the driver have amazing visibility behind this car. All in all, we can really say that new K-Byte is designed perfectly outside.

2020 Byton K-Byte Cabin

2020 Byton K-Byte Interior Design, Shape, Style

New 2020 Byton K-Byte is breaking some rules when it comes to the interior design. They’re one of the first car companies that are providing the touchscreen display all-across the instrument board. Entire its width, Byton has placed touchscreen with so many pieces of information and different features. Together, they’re working only in one goal, to make new K-Byte better than all the other cars. The first look inside this car tells us that he’s already perfectly shaped and ready for the future. What is still a huge mystery about new K-Byte is will he going to be available as a self-driving car. The steering wheel is present inside so that can tell us that he might not be available as that but maybe he’s going to be one of the finest that’s going to be available in both versions.

The seats are still unknown for new 2020 Byton K-Byte but we know that he’s really one of a kind. Byton’s engineers have told us some details about it and they’re saying that the seats are available with both heating and cooling options. What is so special about them is that even the massage option is going to be included for the seats. There are a really small amount of interior details available but when it comes to the infotainment system, there are almost none of them available. The main goal for the newest K-Byte is that he becomes the world best-equipped car on the market. For that, he’ll need the finest information’s that are available. Therefore, we aren’t surprised that Byton still hasn’t released them.

2020 Byton K-Byte Rear

2020 Byton K-Byte Engine, Power, Performances, Specs

As we’ve said, new 2020 Byton K-Byte is an all-electric car. New K-Byte is powered with the supreme electric engine that’s capable to provide enormous power and range. Now, some of the first details are telling that new K-Byte is powered with the 71 kWh battery pack in his basic trim level. With it, he’s supplied with 268 horsepower and with torque amount of 295 lb/ft as basic. It is also great to say that the range of this car, when the batteries are fully charged, is close to the 250 miles which are super amazing. New K-Byte is provided with the great performances number but we still don’t know them.

2020 Byton K-Byte Price and Estimated Launch Date

The estimated release date of new 2020 Byton K-Byte can’t be before February 2021 which is a surprise for the customers. When it comes to the price, new K-Byte is set to be launched at the price of around $42.000.

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