2020 Fisker Emotion Rumors, Range

2020 Fisker Emotion Front

Even though it is truly a family Company, new 2020 Fisker Emotion is heading towards the future and towards the first place on the many categories lists all around the world. Now, we are prepared to talk about this product with certain reliable details which are more than great for our customers. They`re all waiting for quite a long time to enjoy the information`s about this upcoming model. Let us give you the idea of how brilliant this car is going to be.

2020 Fisker Emotion Front

2020 Fisker Emotion Redesign, Appearance, Specs

The exterior design surely isn`t something special when it comes to the 2020 Fisker Emotion. We know that he looks sharp and modern but he really isn`t that different from all the other car designers we had a chance to meet in the past. It has that great shape with a bit sharper edges than we could expect them to be. New Emotion is arriving on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are brilliant for this type of car. On the other side, new Emotion is said to be available with brand new tires which are great for this type of car because they have an amazing grip to offer. It is also said that both of the bumpers on new Emotion are larger and stronger than before. That makes new Emotion safer than some other similar looking cars in this year’s market.

New 2020 Fisker Emotion has amazing looking of the front fascia. It is wider than on most of the other cars and the hood is longer as well. That gives him the amazing result that the grille is bigger than it used to be. What is also great about this car is, since this is his first generation, his creators must do all they can to provide him with great attraction, therefore, he`s offered with various of exterior color choices. That`s great for the younger generations that want to experiment with their cars colors. On the back, we can notice that the rear glass is bigger than before which needs to increase the safety of this car. That way, the visibility is improved. One more way how they`ve increased the visibility are brand new lamps which are offered for new Emotion. Brilliant move from Fisker`s designers and engineers.

2020 Fisker Emotion Cabin

2020 Fisker Emotion Interior Look, Style, Shape

Even though we haven`t seen many pictures of the interior of a new 2020 Fisker Emotion we must say that the ones that are shared are looking amazing. There`s no room for cheap materials inside new Emotion. The almost entire cabin is made from top quality leather. Besides leather, there are some wooden parts and some parts made from carbon fiber to make this cabin look shiny and pretty. It is really important for the passengers inside new Emotion to have a soft touch when they`re using the features inside this car. We must say that we aren`t surprised by the number of features installed in new Emotion at all. All of them are brilliant and all of them are easier to be used than before.

Definitely, the first thing you`re going to notice inside new 2020 Fisker Emotion is his 9.5-inches wide touchscreen. With it, you can use all the functions and features and you can really see all the things that are happening in your car. When it comes to the comfort level, you can really be relaxed. It is equipped with a brand new seat design that is better than in almost any modern looking car. They aren`t that big as we`re used to but they`re equipped with the perfect lumbar and sides support. Together with the finest heating and cooling options makes new Emotion one of the best-equipped cars on the market.

2020 Fisker Emotion Rear

2020 Fisker Emotion Engine, Power, Performances

As you already expect it, probably, the new 2020 Fisker Emotion is going to be powered with the only electric motor. That way, he`s perfectly safe for the environment and ready for all of the demands of the modern times. We are so proud to be among the first sites to have some numbers ready when it comes to the engine and to the performances of new Emotion. It is a definite decision that the lithium-ion batteries are supplying new Emotion with power but we are still not sure how much batteries will be there. Some rumors are saying four which is great. It is sure that, when they`re fully charged, they can create a range of over 400 miles. That is more than great.

Some other sources are saying that new Emotion is going to be available with all-wheel drive mode. That is something we don`t have the opportunity to see in the all-electric vehicles many times. The top speed of new Emotion is set to be over 161 mph which is brilliant. That`s clearly the power of the engine and the perfect aerodynamic which he`s created in.

2020 Fisker Emotion Price and Estimated Launch Date

The official release date for new 2020 Fisker Emotion is set to be May 2020. Surely no sooner than that. When it comes to the official price, we have heard some rumors about it. It is said that new Emotion could be released at the price of around $130.000.

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