2020 Ford Ranger Price, Towing capacity

2020 Ford Ranger Front

The icon in the world of trucks is new 2020 Ford Ranger and he’s ready to be introduced to the customers again. Ford has released some great news about this truck and now, we’re ready to welcome you with this great truck model. We know that Ford is great in releasing new models and they’re releasing so many great details about this truck. They really want the customers to be introduced with the model they’re expecting. Let us assure you that this is one of the finest upcoming truck models. Take a look at everything we know about it.

2020 Ford Ranger Front

2020 Ford Ranger Exterior Design, Shape, Specs

As we all know, the legends definitely deserve to be treated well. And if some truck can be said to be a true legend, that’s surely new 2020 Ford Ranger. Now, we have so much to talk when it comes to the exterior design of the new Ranger. New Ranger is designed to be bigger than before which is great to know if you’re heading towards US market. Also, Ford is doing a great job to make him lose some pounds because that’s something that made him not as good as he could be in the past. According to Ford’s officials, the new Ranger is made using aluminum and carbon fiber. That way, more than 400 pounds is reduced when it comes to the overall weight. No doubt that can help new Ranger to achieve what the old one couldn’t do.

Also, the new Ranger is made to be released with some new details on the exterior. What is interesting about it is that the new 2020 Ford Ranger is made to have wider front fascia. Not only it is wider, but new Ranger is also made to have the longer hood. That way, the grille ends longer and wider as well. It is surely a great way to make new Ranger looks sportier than before. Not only that makes him sportier, but we can also see that there are some new lines added on the sides of this truck. New Ranger arrives on brand new tires which is a result of Ford’s model called Raptor. That’s brilliant in making him capable to go off-easier than before.

2020 Ford Ranger Cabin

2020 Ford Ranger Interior Look, Comfort Level, Style

The cabin of the new 2020 Ford Ranger is better than before. Ford has done the incredible job to make it roomier. Now, we can see that the instrument board is made using fewer buttons. That way, there is more room for the seats than there were before. Those seats are brand new and made fully in leather. That way, the passengers can really enjoy the ride in new Ranger. That’s great for the customers that want to buy new Ranger to be their family car. Not only those seats are cozier and bigger, but they’re also made to be equipped with both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. Also, Ford has installed more directions of adjustments are available for the seats od new Ranger.

We know that, since new Ranger is made to be a perfect family car, Ford’s engineers will make it available with more safety functions than before. Some of the standard ones for new Ranger are: all-around view camera, parking sensors, digital climate controller, satellite radio, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, more airbags than before, traction control, tire pressure monitors and many others that Ford still doesn’t want to reveal. The moment we found out all the functions that are going to be installed in new 2020 Ford Ranger we’ll let you know.  

2020 Ford Ranger Rear

2020 Ford Ranger Engine, Power, Performances

New 2020 Ford Ranger must be equipped with the amazing engine unit to be even better on the market and even better for the customers. Looking to some of the rumors, new Ranger is said to be powered with the 2.8-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered unit. This one is capable to provide great power amount and what is even more important, it has increased towing capacity. New Ranger is supplied with the 270 horsepower and around 310 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

As we’ve said, new Ranger has increased towing capacity. According to the details, that’s going to be close to the 7,700 pounds which is great for the basic trim level of new Ranger.

2020 Ford Ranger Price and Estimated Launch Date

The starting price for the new 2020 Ford Ranger is set to be $28.000 which is more than suitable. The release date for this great truck is set to be May 2020.

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