2020 GM Cruise AV Chevrolet

2020 GM Cruise AV Front

With everything we`ve seen for new 2020, this upcoming 2020 GM Cruise AV might be the finest so far. It is ready to blow our minds with those kinds of performances and style. GM is now ready to release their first self-driving car. With it, there`s no doubt that the car industry will be moved to a whole new level. Now, they aren`t willing to release that much information`s about it but all they had been welcomed with the hands wide open. With all of them, we have created this small review to make you closer to it.

2020 GM Cruise AV Front

2020 GM Cruise AV Exterior Style, Redesign, Review

Even though we`ve seen some of the first images about the exterior design we know that there could be some minimal changes on the exterior. It is clear that the shape is going to remain the same as it is shown in the pictures. They have made the best they can from that shape. That way, new 2020 GM Cruise AV is going to be stronger than before with no additional effort from the engine. We can see that there will be extra long front fascia. With longer hood, new GM Cruise gets that sporty feeling he wanted to have. The first details we have seen on the front fascia are really thin grille. That grille is made using nothing but the chrome vertical bars. With wider grille, there`s the place for the bigger logo that tells how much the General Motors are proud of this car.

New 2020 GM Cruise AV is arriving on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. Those wheels can make him look classier than most of the others cars that are going to be produced in the upcoming 2020 year market. We can see that the headlights are way wider than before which makes this car looks exactly how it deserves to look. They`re using brand new lamps technology which makes this car finer than before. With them, new GM Cruise is really fine. On the back, we can see that the taillights are wider than before. Other than that, it is obvious that the bumper is bigger. With it, new GM Cruise is looking way safer than before. That`s the way we want him to look and how the customers expect him to become.

2020 GM Cruise AV Cabin

2020 GM Cruise AV Interior Look, Specs, Appearance

It is about time that we talk about the interior design of the new 2020 GM Cruise AV. The interior of this car is a reason why this car is so special and why he`s unique on the market. There`s going to be one thing that you`re going to notice before everything else inside this car. There won`t be any steering wheel available in new GM Cruise! That`s the first time we`ve seen anything close to that. All that`s available inside are the seats and the instrument board. When it comes to the instrument board, which is the most important part of this car, we must say that there won`t be anything spectacular available. Only one, 10.4-inches wide touchscreen is available there. Through it, you can control all of the functions installed in this car.

There won`t be any other buttons available inside new 2020 GM Cruise AV. Everything that you need to know about the car and about the journey is shown on that central display. There is where you`re going to set your destination and the car is going to take you there easily. We still don`t know the information`s about the technology, GMs officials still don’t want to talk about it. As we don`t know that, we know a bit more about the seat design. Those seats are now bigger than before. They`re making this new GM Cruise to look cozier than ever before. Finer leather is available inside new GM Cruise. With the addition of both heating and cooling options, they`re making it the best there is.

2020 GM Cruise AV Side

2020 GM Cruise AV Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is maybe the most mysterious thing about new 2020 GM Cruise AV. Even though his cabin is also quite a mystery. We just love the way how GM combined technology inside this spectacular vehicle. We are more than sure that this new GM Cruise is going to be powered with an all-electric motor. Only that is the engine that`s suitable for this kind of car. His range must be over 250 miles which makes him somewhere above average in that area. We assume that new Cruise AV is going to be powered with the 18.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries.

Those kinds of batteries can supply this car with the 150 horsepower and with about 290 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. This is the power amount that new Cruise AV really deserves to have. His batteries are expected to be fully charged in less than 2 hours when you plug it into the regular house outlets.

2020 GM Cruise AV Price and Estimated Launch Date

We still don`t have official release date ready but we know that new 2020 GM Cruise AV can`t be released before May 2020. The price is also a huge question mark. We assume that this car could be priced a bit over $30k for his basic trim level.

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