2020 Kia Forte MPG, Arrival Date

2020 Kia Forte Front

The world of cars is getting more serious with the arrival of the new 2020 Kia Forte. Now, we are so proud to introduce you to this model because we are one of the rare ones to talk about it. Kia still doesn’t want to talk about it because they’re being super mysterious about this car. New Forte is ready to be released with so many new details that are going to make it better and closer to the customers. Take a look at the review we’ve prepared. New Forte is here just for you, he’s released to make you enjoy the ride even better.

2020 Kia Forte Front

2020 Kia Forte Exterior Design, Specs, Review

Even though we are aware that Kia still don’t want to talk about the exterior design but we have heard so many good rumors are details about the exterior of new Forte. New 2020 Kia Forte is released to be bigger than before. That’s obvious when we take a look at this car. It is good to say that new Forte has slightly redesigned shape. On the edges, new Forte is sharper than before. That makes this car go easier and cut through the air. Thanks to it, the performances are improved and this car is made to use less fuel consumption. We can see that new Forte arrives on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels even though we still haven’t confirmed that from Kia’s factory.

There are some details available when it comes to the material which are going to be used in the chassis. It is said that the new 2020 Kia Forte is made using mostly aluminum and carbon fiber materials. With them, you can be perfectly safe when it comes to overall body weight. New Forte has it reduced for more than 250 pounds. We’re looking at the shape of new Forte and all we can see is that on the back, new Forte has brand new attached rear spoiler which is the difference when we compare him with his previous generation. This updated generation of Forte is made with improved lamps. Those lamps are made to use a combination of LED and bi-xenon lamps. With them, new Forte has reduced energy wasting capacity.

2020 Kia Forte Cabin

2020 Kia Forte Interior Look, Shape, Style

The cabin style of new 2020 Kia Forte is changed this time. Kia’s engineers and his designers have used all of their effort to make it modernized. Now, most of the materials that are used inside are the finest leather, wooden parts, aluminum, and carbon parts. You can see that there aren’t any single parts that are made from the plastic. That is surely the evidence that the attempt of new Kia’s model is to become extra modernized. What is great about this cabin is that he’s made with restyled instrument board. This time, there are fewer buttons than there were before. It is great how Kia’s engineers are enabling the driver to control the functions.

New 2020 Kia Forte is cozier than before. That means that the seats are made with restyled materials and with better seat design. With it, you can see that the seats are made to be closer to the bottom of the cabin which looks supreme in the cabin of new Forte. Not only it looks better but it really can make you feel the speed of new Forte. We’re looking forward to seeing new Forte actually getting released on the market.

2020 Kia Forte Rear

2020 Kia Forte Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit that’s going to be released for new 2020 Kia Forte is really important because that’s what it takes him to become the finest model on the market. According to the officials, new Forte is set to be released with a stronger engine unit. It’s going to be used with the 2.0-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder unit. With this one, new Forte is supplied with the 150 horsepower and more than 132 lb/ft as the maximum. Even though we only know for this one engine unit, we are more than happy with it.

This engine, like every other, works in pair with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Having it paired with this gearbox, new Forte uses 27/37 mpg city/highway which is more than great.

2020 Kia Forte Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Kia Forte is set to be released at the beginning of May 2020 and no sooner than that. When it comes to the price, we know it can’t be under $19.500.

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