2020 Kia Soul Hybrid, Specs

2020 Kia Soul Front View

We’re aware that the world needs more car such as the new 2020 Kia Soul. The reason is simple, new Soul uses less energy than any other similar looking vehicle. We are sure that’s one of the main reasons why the customers will choose new Soul before some others. Kia has done so many great jobs in the past to make him better than before. We are sure that new Soul is going to be a really great addition to the upcoming 2020 year market. Take a look at all of the available details about new Soul.

2020 Kia Soul Front View

2020 Kia Soul Redesign, Exterior Look, Shape

Hybrid cars are really necessary for the environment and new 2020 Kia Soul is made to be exactly that. This time, we’re so proud about the arrival of this car that we have found out all the rumors about it that makes it better than before.

His overall size is a bit smaller than before. Not only that, there are some more differences that make him better than before without that being available to be seen with your bare eyes. Kia has used the finest material there could be to help him achieve higher goals with it. New Soul now arrives on a slightly improved platform that makes him instantly better than before. This amazing vehicle is prepared to look modernized as well. Now, his front fascia looks really good and improved. It is sharper than before which is one great thing to make him better and closer to the customers.

We’re really loving new 2020 Kia Soul. He has those sharper edges that are made to keep his aerodynamic abilities on an amazing level. You can see that his front fascia looks better than before and you can see that the headlights are extremely thin. That makes them super-modernized and really ready to hit the market hard. Under them, you can see brand new fog lights which are there for the first time when it comes to the basic trim level. On the sides, we can see some new lines and different door handlers. That, with the larger side mirrors, are the only changes that are made on the sides of new Soul. On the back, it is visible that new Soul arrives with a better rear bumper that makes it look stronger than before. Also, we can notice that the new Soul arrives with the bigger rear glass.

2020 Kia Soul Interior Look

2020 Kia Soul Interior Size, Comfort Level

We can notice that the interior design of the new 2020 Kia Soul looks really modern and cozy. It is more than obvious that the new Soul arrives with the best materials Kia could find. Maybe the even better thing about them is that those materials are now perfectly safe for the environment and those materials can be fully recycled. No doubt that’s going to increase the interest of those customers that wants to go greener than before. What is visible with your bare eye is that it’s going to be equipped with the amazing instrument board design. This time, it has fewer buttons and it really arrives with the larger touchscreen on the middle of it. Not only that it is bigger than before, but it is also positioned a bit higher than before which is one more difference we could find.

We can see that the 2020 Kia Soul arrives with the improved appearance inside as well as the outside. New Soul now arrives with the seats that are larger than before. Kia gives them a way better lumbar support than before. Not only that, they’ve announced something really good when it comes to the heating and cooling options. That’s really good because now, it is available in the basic trim level as well. There are no passengers that won’t love that option. Of course, the infotainment system works really well with new Soul and we know that’s the safe way to make him work better and to be closer to the customers.

2020 Kia Soul Rear View

2020 Kia Soul Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is the most important part of the new 2020 Kia Soul. This time, it’s going to be powered with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol-powered engine unit. This one works really well in the combination with the finest 4 lithium-ion batteries. Together with them, we know that this engine unit is going to be really useful for the customers and with the reduced fuel consumption.

No doubt that new Soul is going to be better than before. What is really good is the power amount that this engine can develop. It can achieve the 150 horsepower and with the torque amount of 150 lb/ft as the maximum. That’s really good for the new Soul and his customers. It is still unsafe what type of fuel consumption is going to be available for new Soul but we know some of the details. Now, we know that if the Soul uses the only electric engine, he can run over 50 miles without the need of recharging the batteries.

2020 Kia Soul Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Kia Soul is said to be released at the starting price of $22k. His release date is estimated to be March 2020.

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