2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Future S

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Front

We just love seeing cars that are so luxury as new 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept is. It is designed to look awesome and to work with great performances. To create something like that, Suzuki’s and Maruti’s engineers had to push it few steps forward. After some of the information’s are revealed, we are ready to share those amazing features with you. Take a look at the review we have prepared. There’s no doubt that you will be excited about it.

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Front

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Exterior design, Refreshed, Shape

It shows us everything that we have wanted to hear. New 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept is the latest product that arrives on the Indian market which can make the customers pretty happy and excited. Most of the pictures show us that the shape of a new Future S is everything we have ever wanted to see. The first impression tells us that this new Future S is going to be truly amazing. The front fascia looks superb. It has an extra wide grille that is made using nothing but chrome vertical bars. When it comes to the exterior color options, the new Future S is made to have an amazing exterior color choice. That way, even the pickiest customers can choose the one they love the most.

Next thing we have noticed is the bumpers on the new 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept. They’re wider than before and obviously stronger. That proves us that new Future S is made with lightweight materials. Now, most of them are stronger than before, now, there are carbon fibers and some aluminum parts used. Since new Future S is made to be a true car for the future, we know that his lamps are brand new and that they’re using the minimum amount of energy. According to the rumors, that’s going to be LED and bi-xenon lamps. The headlights are thin but made with sharper edges.

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Cabin

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Interior Style, Appearance, Specs

When it comes to the interior design, we know that the new 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept is one of the coziest on the market. That’s going to help the customers feel safer and more relaxed inside. It is said that new Future S is made from the top quality materials. Some of the parts inside the cabin are made from the Alcantara leather and from the wood that is imported from Brazil. That way, the passengers can feel extra cozy and super luxury. The seats inside new Future S are really one of a kind. You can see that they’re brilliantly shaped with supreme lumbar support. Even though they’re bigger than before, they won’t take some extra room inside the cabin.

The instrument board is also the extra important part of the cabin. New 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept is equipped with the instrument board that is equipped with fewer buttons than before. That way, all the passengers inside can control those enormous number of functions that are installed in new Future S. The engineers have announced that there are many new safety functions installed. Some of them are new and updated but some of them are old ones. It is clear that new Future S is one of the best equipped and we are super excited about that.

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Rear

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is the most mysterious part of new 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept. It is still hidden from the eyes of the customers what’s going to be the engine unit that makes new Future S powered. There are only rumors available about new Future S. They’re saying that this car could be powered with the 2.6-liter petrol powered unit. This one is stronger than ever before which is surprising which makes us happy. Also, we have heard that new Future S will have its engine paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system.

The best thing about this transmission system is that it’s going to use only minimum fuel that is required. That way, new Future S becomes one of the most useful cars on the market.

2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept Price and Estimated Launch Date


The official price for new 2020 Maruti Suzuki Concept is set to be around $35.000 because his officials still haven’t said anything about it. What we know is that his release date is set to be May 2020.

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