2020 Nissan IDS Zero emission

2020 Nissan IDS Front

Even though it is still just a concept shown, new 2020 Nissan IDS is about to actually be released. This new IDS is special in just one fact, he’s made to be the first ever self-driving car. That’s something that makes him really special and really unique on the market. Let’s pay him some extra attention and let’s see how this car can be prepared for the upcoming market. New IDS is ready to be reviewed.

2020 Nissan IDS Front

2020 Nissan IDS Redesign, Review, Shape

The exterior design is the first thing you’re going to recognize on the new 2020 Nissan IDS. The first thing we must say about the exterior of this great futuristic car is that he’s made from the perfect lightweight materials. They’re something that’s brilliant and it is really suitable for the car like this new IDS. It is said that new IDS is about to receive his chassis made from just carbon fiber and aluminum. Together, they can make him have really small overall weight. That’s one of the secrets of this car. Small overall weight makes him more capable to be driven on the road. Of course, you might think that this car isn’t going to be so well around the corners but you should know that this car isn’t made to be fast. He’s made to be useful like no other car in the world.

His shape is brilliant and we don’t expect him to be extra available in so many exterior color options. Even though that won’t place him among the favorites for the picky customers but we know that this kind of car is brilliant for every customer.  The headlights on 2020 Nissan IDS are wider than all of the others we can see today. Also, they’re made to have better lamps than before. Some rumors are saying that all of the lights on new IDS are using brand new LED and bi-xenon lamps combination. Together, they can help new IDS becomes that car which is perfectly safe for the environment. Just take one look at new IDS and you’ll realize that he really is that what Nissan’s customers are expecting from him.

2020 Nissan IDS Cabin

2020 Nissan IDS Interior Look, Shape, Style

Of course that the first thing you’re going to notice inside new 2020 Nissan IDS is that he doesn’t have the steering wheel. That is the thing they’re most proud of. New IDS is capable to become the first car that can be driven without the driver handling the steering wheel. That’s the way how Nissan is capable to head it towards the future. New IDS is extra cozy because, as we’ve mentioned, it doesn’t have any steering wheel inside. That leaves more room for the seats inside. Also, the cargo area is bigger than inside some similar car models. That makes the passengers very, very happy. You can see that only one difference is enough so the driver can be pleased with the car itself.

Also, one of the first things you’re going to spot is a massive and big touchscreen that is placed in the middle of that instrument board. It has dimensions of 11.0-inches in diagonals. Using it, you can spot everything that’s happening inside and outside of new 2020 Nissan IDS. What is also special about new IDS is that his infotainment system is clearly one of the greatest that has ever been produced in the market. Maybe even better to know is that all of his functions can be controlled using just the power of your own voice. That’s something amazing that’s provided by Nissan’s engineers.

2020 Nissan IDS Rear

2020 Nissan IDS Engine, Power, Performances, Specs

The engine unit is the most mysterious part of the new 2020 Nissan IDS. His engineers and officials don’t want to talk about the engine unit that’s going to be placed inside new IDS. All the things we know about it are learned from the rumors. This new IDS is going to be powered with some of the finest electric motors that are available. It is said that engine is using the best lithium-ion batteries. Their range, when they’re full, is a bit higher than 200 miles which is pretty impressive.

It is still questioned about the power amount of new IDS but we are going to be more than impressive to find out that fact. We have no doubts that the passengers are going to be more than pleased with the performances of new IDS. After all, it isn’t made to be fast and strong. New IDS is made to be functional.

2020 Nissan IDS Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Nissan IDS is somewhere at the beginning of spring 2020, not before March for sure. The price is still hidden but we know it can’t be below $70k.

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