2020 Tesla Model S Electric, Power

2020 Tesla Model S Front

We are all aware that our Planet is under heavy attack from the poisons that came from our cars so new 2020 Tesla Model S is one of the models that’s going to reduce that bad influence. We all want to go further with that nature preservation and the models such as this one are perfect for that cause. Let’s take a look why is he so special. New Model S will surely last for a long time.

2020 Tesla Model S Front

2020 Tesla Model S Exterior design, Refreshed, Specs

Even the exterior design is a great way to tell you how careful Tesla is. They are always trying to go a bit further than before. This new 2020 Tesla Model S is designed to have the amazing shape that’s going to work for the customers. That means that he’s getting amazing aerodynamic abilities. That’s something that every new car needs to have. This new Model S is placed really close to the ground which makes him a car that’s perfect for the cities. He isn’t capable to go off-road and to be honest, we didn’t imagine him to be at all. New Model S arrives with the amazing quality of the both of the bumpers. Even though Tesla’s engineers are trying to make him lightweight, those bumpers are both made of the hard steel. That way, they are ensuring that safety is an important part of this model.

Most of the details on the 2020 Tesla Model S are looking amazing. We can see what great designers can do. The front fascia is really looking classy. Tesla’s team did great work to make it that way. The headlights are super sharp and made to look wider than they really are. Next to it, we can spot that the grille is bigger as well. It is made just from chrome and only the Tesla Motors logo is placed there. The tires for new Model S are bigger than before. They are 18.0-inches wide and with the new alloy wheels, new Model S is a perfect choice for classy looking vehicles. The back part remains the same as before with long rear glass. That way, one more thing is done to improve the safety of the new Model S.

2020 Tesla Model S Cabin

2020 Tesla Model S Interior design, Infotainment system, Materials

It is the interior design that brought so much popularity to Tesla’s vehicles. New 2020 Tesla Model S is one of those that are equipped with such an amazing looking cabin. As you all probably know, every Tesla’s car has an extra simple instrument board. It has an only large touchscreen on the middle of it and that’s it for this car and his instrument board. For the new Model S, the dimensions of the touchscreen are 10.4-inches in the diagonals. That’s amazing and it gives you the perfect perspective to what’s going on about the car and about his performances. Also, that touchscreen is the key place to the amazing infotainment system. This one has the most incredible features installed, the ones that can make him the best ever made.

In the matter of ambient style, new 2020 Tesla Model S is one of the finest on that field as well. New Model S has the brand new leather materials present. Those leather parts are mostly given to the seats. Besides the seats, there will be some instrument board parts that are also made from leather. What is great is that the infotainment system is one of the finest. It is made from the top quality software upgrades.

2020 Tesla Model S Rear

2020 Tesla Model S Engine and Performances

Tesla Motors will give the best they have to this vehicle. It makes new 2020 Tesla Model S  so special and so close to the customers. Now, new Model S makes the best out of this all-electric motor. New Model S is going to be powered with the finest lithium-ion batteries that are going to be placed really great in the chassis. That way, the platform is balanced perfectly.

This way, new Model S makes perfect addition on the market with supreme performances. Now, it is said that he can run from 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds flat. That way, his top speed is also increased.

2020 Tesla Model S Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Tesla Model S is set to go from May 2020. The starting price for new Model S is set to go from $75.000.

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