2023 Ferrari Dino Power, 0-60

2023 Ferrari Dino Front

Ferrari is one of the fastest cars on the market and new 2023 Ferrari Dino is surely the way how you`re going to turn the customers on your side. With this new Dino announced, we are ready that Ferrari is again capable to do the best. Now, there isn`t that much news about it but all we know is that new Dino is capable to do so many great stuff. We are proud to be one of the first ones to talk about this model. Take a look at the things we`ve found out about this magnificent model.

2023 Ferrari Dino Front

2023 Ferrari Dino Exterior Changes, Review, Specs

When you take a quick look at new 2023 Ferrari Dino you`ll see that this is one really special model. This new Dino is surely coming to the market to become the best. Now, the shape of this car is slightly restyled which is great. Ferrari`s engineers have said that they`re doing the best they can to create the chassis that is made entirely from the lightweight materials. With that thing being done, we are sure that the handling of new Dino is not that good as it was before but there is something that can be done to make that better as well. Now, they`re improving the suspension. With that, the handling is even better than it was before. They`re still working on that but we`re sure that they`re going to be successful.

New 2023 Ferrari Dino is arriving on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are painted in red. New Dino is arriving to be stronger than before and to look stronger as well. This time, Ferrari`s engineers have done the best they can to create the perfect environment for the customers. The front fascia is longer than before. The hood is surely bigger than it was before. It ends with the wider set of a grille. That grille now serves as an air vent for the engine unit which brings more cool air for the engine. That way, the engine can be cooled in any moment and ready for the tasks which you demand from it. On the back, new Dino has stronger bumper which makes this car safer than before.

2023 Ferrari Dino Interior

2023 Ferrari Dino Interior Design, Style, Appearance

We still don`t have that many details about the interior of new 2023 Ferrari Dino because he`s still far away from the releasing. It is bigger than before which makes the passengers really enjoying the ride inside this car. It leaves more room for the passenger and for the seats they`re sitting in. The instrument board is the secret how they`re going to make the changes inside. They`re leaving fewer buttons on the instrument board which makes the instrument board smaller than it was before. That`s the secret how the seats appeared to be bigger and cozier.

The instrument board is the thing on which they`re working the most on. One thing is sure, the new 2023 Ferrari Dino is offered to be one of the best-equipped cars on the market. New Dino is now doing the best it can to attract many new customers. On the first thing, new Dino is offered for the younger generations so we know some of the functions that could be offered for this car. There are some standard functions such as: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connection systems, blind spot monitors, rear-view camera, parking sensors, digital climate controller, emergency braking system, more airbags are offered and many more speakers inside this car in front of all other functions and features.

2023 Ferrari Dino Side

2023 Ferrari Dino Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is one thing how you`re going to recognize new 2023 Ferrari Dino for. He`s appearing to be stronger than so many other cars similar to his category. New Dino is still unknown what engine unit will he use exactly but we know some of the rumors. New Dino is great because it is said to be powered with one of the most amazing engine unit. Now, the engine of choice is set to be 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged unit. This engine is great to offer many horsepowers. With this engine, new Dino can develop 530 horsepower and close to the 500 lb/ft. This engine can be mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission system.

Using this engine and this kind of gearbox, new Dino has amazing performances he`s able to create. It is estimated that the acceleration time from 0-60 mph for new Dino is set to be slightly under 3 seconds flat. New Dino is set to go over 200 mph as his top speed which is great numbers.

2023 Ferrari Dino Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2023 Ferrari Dino is set to be May 2023. When it comes to the price, it is very hard to estimate that but we know it can`t be below $205.000.

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