2020 Bugatti Centodieci Power, Horsepower

Supercars are one thing but new 2020 Bugatti Centodieci is definitely a whole different level. This generation of Centodieci is the newest one. Bugatti has used all of their effort and knowledge to produce this famous car. We are aware that he hasn’t been present on the market for more than two decades but it is a true time for him to shine. Bugatti has taken that more than serious so they’re going to do all the job they can to make it look that way. Let’s give us the opportunity to make you at least a bit closer to this fantastic model. Continue reading “2020 Bugatti Centodieci Power, Horsepower”

2019 Bugatti Veyron The fastest car on the planet

If perfection has a name, it will be 2019 Bugatti Veyron. Surely the best car that has ever been produced. To be honest, his first generation was quite a surprise to all of us. It came from nothing to perfection. Even though almost all of the car producers can see how great new Veyron is, they can`t produce anything that is similar to this model. Today, we are here to talk about the newest generation of Veyron, that`s improved version of the old one. Take a look. Continue reading “2019 Bugatti Veyron The fastest car on the planet”